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At Cave Diver of Florida, we're dedicated to offering top-notch cave diving instruction and experiences, guided by the expertise and passion of our lead instructor, Brennan Autry. Our commitment is to provide safe, comprehensive, and exhilarating diving courses tailored to divers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

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My Story

Brennan Autry, the lead instructor at Cave Diver of Florida, is a seasoned professional who has dedicated his career to the art and science of diving. His journey into the underwater realm began over a three decades ago, and since then, he has emerged as a respected figure in the diving community. Brennan is not just a dive instructor; he is a mentor and a guide who brings his personal experiences and expertise to the forefront of his teaching.

Professional Credentials and Experience Brennan's professional credentials are a testament to his commitment and expertise in the field. As a TDI, IDEA, NSS-CDS, RAID, and PSS Technical Instructor, he possesses the skills and knowledge to teach various technical diving courses. His certification as a Full Cave Instructor speaks volumes about his proficiency in one of the most challenging forms of diving. Brennan's experience extends beyond recreational diving, encompassing technical, cave, and wreck diving. This diverse skill set ensures that he is well-equipped to guide divers through a range of underwater environments.

Courses Offered: A Dive into the Deep At Cave Diver of Florida, we offer an array of courses designed to cater to divers of different skill levels and interests. These courses are meticulously curated and taught by Brennan, ensuring quality and comprehensive training.

  1. Cavern and Cave Diving Courses: These courses are the core of our offerings. From the introductory cavern diver course to the more advanced full cave diver program, Brennan ensures that each course is informative, safe, and exciting. He imparts essential skills like navigation, safety protocols, and conservation practices.

  2. Technical Diving Courses: For those looking to delve deeper into technical aspects, Brennan offers courses like Intro to Tech, Advanced Nitrox, and Decompression Procedures. These courses are structured to help divers understand complex diving concepts and techniques.

  3. Specialized Training: Brennan's expertise also extends to specialized areas like advanced wreck diving. These courses are designed for experienced divers seeking to explore challenging environments under expert supervision.


Personalized Approach to Training One of the key aspects of Brennan’s teaching methodology is the personalized attention he gives to each student. Understanding that every diver has unique needs and learning curves, Brennan tailors his training methods accordingly. This personalized approach ensures that every diver, irrespective of their experience level, receives the guidance they need to succeed.

Commitment to Safety and Conservation Safety is paramount in all our courses. Brennan emphasizes the importance of safety protocols, risk assessment, and emergency procedures in every class he teaches. Alongside safety, he is also a strong advocate for underwater conservation. He educates divers about the delicate nature of underwater ecosystems and the role divers play in preserving these environments.

Join the Cave Diver of Florida Community Our school is more than just a place to learn diving; it's a community where divers from all walks of life come together to share their passion for the underwater world. Brennan Autry, with his passion and expertise, has created an environment where learning is an adventure, safety is a priority, and conservation is a responsibility.

For those interested in learning more about Brennan Autry and the diverse range of courses offered at Cave Diver of Florida, we invite you to visit our website: Bella Bay Divers. Here, you can find detailed information about our courses, schedules, and Brennan’s unique approach to diving instruction. Join us and embark on an unforgettable journey into the depths of the ocean!


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